What Is We Love Jam ?

With studios in both Sydney and Cape Town, We Love Jam is a Music Composition and Sound Design Studio dedicated to creating unique sounds. Delivering services across Film, Advertising, The Arts, TV and of course live performance, JAM is a place where composers and sound designers work in collaboration across musical genres and audio applications. From simple voice overs right through to large commercial campaigns, whatever job big or small, we at JAM are able to suit your needs and are proud to present a diverse portfolio of work, always aiming to inspire one another, share ideas and do great work.

Who are you? (Andrew and Hylton)
(Andrew): As co-director/co-owner of We Love Jam Studios, I run the sound design and engineering component of our business, catering to all technical applications from recording through to Broadcast and mastering services.

Hylton: I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer musician and I find myself being inspired by the area. I love working in anything creative and love coming to this creative Precinct.

How why, when and where did We Love Jam start ?
(Hylton) It started about 8 years ago when I realised there was a great need for collaboration between creative people, specifically in the music and audio field. Then in 2010, We Love Jam Studios started as a collaboration between the two of us - Andrew and me. We developed a shared passion for collaborating and producing great creative work. We were both seeking new opportunities and it turned out to be a partnership meant to happen.

Development since then?
After establishing the business at North Sydney, we’ve continued to expand and have moved to the Arts Precinct, which not only upgrades our public image but is also in line with our way of thinking - it is in line with our desire to contribute to the Arts. As well as moving into a creative hub, we’ve also brought young, fresh creative talent into our team.

Plans for the future?
Our plan for the future is to cement ourselves into the Audio Production Industry to work with like-minded companies within this creative hub. Our plan is to produce award-winning work for Advertising as well as other audio applications. In moving to Walsh Bay, we hope to diversify and work more with our neighbours, specifically on more creative projects with companies like the Sydney Theatre, and Sydney Dance companies

Why Walsh Bay?
We are thrilled and excited to have moved to the Walsh Bay hub of agencies and creative cats. Since Sydney has focused on this area becoming an Arts Precinct, there’s been a lot of support from the community and from other creative businesses within the Precinct area, allowing this hub to become internationally known for its creative contribution. It’s a great area and great space – there’s a prestige of Walsh Bay that we want to be part of. Moreover, with many of our important clients literally at our doorstep, we feel the convenience and buzz of our new location will not only keep our current clients loyal, but hopefully bring new clients within the hub of Walsh Bay and Sydney City to We Love Jam, as well.

How do you see WBAC’srole inWalsh Bay?
We at JAM are eager to interact and collaborate with like-minded creatives and businesses, and believe this is a great avenue in which to do just that. We believe WBAC’s role is to create awareness so there is a greater collaboration of creative services. By having the WBAC community come into the creative area and support creative businesses, like the Sydney Theatre and Sydney Dance companies, this creates a spin-off where companies, like us, can collaborate.

What specific services/activities from WBAC would help your business?

We believe that the WBAC will provide us with two main benefits.
First, a chance to be introduced to like-minded creative businesses like the Sydney Theatre Company, and Sydney Dance Company in the hope this may lead to opportunities to collaborate with new creative people,
Second, we at JAM want to create a buzz and excitement within Walsh Bay about what we do and where we are. Word of mouth has always been our main source of business, and by getting our neighbours to talk about us would enhance that. In this business contacts are important and establishing a conversation through the local community brings on new opportunities and projects.

What does We Love Jam offer today ?
Here at JAM we offer both creative services including Original Music Composition, Sound Design, Arrangements, Musical Concept Development as well as a large list of technical and audio services. We offer these services to the Advertising, Arts, Film and live performance fields – anything and everything to do with the Arts. Importantly, we like to think of everyone’s experience at JAM as being warm, friendly and stress-free. We do hope you’ll come and visit us one day even if it’s just for a friendly hello!


Laura-Leigh Smith, administration and marketing
We Love Jam, Sydney Studio. Level 1 24 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000.

Tel: +61 2 9251 7001