While 2050 may seem a long time away, we need to plan now if we are to meet the ongoing and future needs of our communities.

That’s why City of Sydney is reviewing our community strategic plan, Sustainable Sydney 2030. The updated plan will guide the work we do to 2050.

When we talk about Sydney we mean all the suburbs that make up the City of Sydney local area.

Every day 1.3 million people live, work, study, do business, shop and go out in our local area. All of these people have an interest in the future of Sydney and can have their say on this plan.

We'd love to hear your ideas about what Sydney could be like by 2050 and how we should get there.

At COS's website you will also find a number of interactive presentations and thought provoking data stories and interactive maps to help you think about what the city might be like in 2050


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