A new Australian play that's entertaining, inspiring and suitable for all ages! 

“Kiss of the Gallery Guard” opens in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct May 11 for three weekends. 

What's it about?
Art theft, forgery, romance! Young Amber leaves the outback under a cloud. She makes good in Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW, then better in London…. and even better in New York. How did she do it? What happens if she returns to Australia? And how can one strange painting be interpreted in nine different ways by nine different people?

Who’s in it?
The director is Murray Lambert, assisted by Anna Greig. Our versatile actors are Chloe Schwank, Jesse Northam, Jesse Amankwah and Cara Severino. Concert pianist Philip Eames plays between the scenes. Carol Dance is the playwright.

Details at www.kissofthegalleryguard.net.au

Tickets: www.trybooking.com


Update 15/5/2018


A most enjoyable play; well rounded script, plot development and strong acting.
M Franklin, Theatre Time Sydney, May 11.

An interesting, touching and comedic play … very entertaining!
D Sims, Theatre Time Sydney, May 11.
Cara Severino is a delightful presence as Amber, impressive with the detail she brings to the role. Suzy Goes See, Sydney Theatre Reviews, by Suzie Wrong, May 12.

This delightful play looks at how our ideas change with age and experience….Cara Severino is a natural , at home in her character. Chloe Schwank creates her many characters quickly and effectively…. Jessse Notham has a good sense of time…. Justin Amanhwah is convincingly cerebral as the art expert…. This play succeeds. It ticks a lot of boxes for audiences.

Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers, May 14

Amber’s story is an interesting one and there is an underlying theme about honesty that serves to engage the audience. Director Murray Lambert has obviously pulled his small team together well for ‘KISS OF THE GALLERY GUARD’ to be executed so smoothly. 
Judith Greenway, Sydney Arts Guide, May 13.

It is the skill of the actors, especially Cara Severino as Amber, to give the impression of being in large art museums around the world. Chloe Schwank and Jesse Northam play multiple characters and with clever lighting and direction by Murray Lambert, along with slight costume changes, they make it easy for the audience to understand which character they are playing and where they are in the gallery. The music, a mix of jazz and classical, by pianist Philip Eames, also helps the audience to imagine each character and each room. Who needs a set when music can set the mood! What does a gallery guard actually do? In Amber's case, she becomes famous on her first day. How? Go and see ‘Kiss of the Gallery Guard’ and you will find out.

Weekend Notes, Marie Giunta, May 12.

Loved the script! Outstanding performances. The music was a wonderful integral part of the show…such a talented pianist.

L Williams, Theatre Time Sydney, May 11.

Loved tonight’s show. A warm and witty play…. The audience is taken on a tour of some of the finest galleries of the world without once having to leave their seat… The Art Gallery of NSW, later a gallery in London, and then in New York. The play causes one to question how one's view of a piece of art can change with time. And then, it also causes you to realise that a piece of art can change you.

David John Mitchell, May 11.