27 September 2018 - 10 November 2018.

Exhibiting artists: Chen Yanyin, Liu Xiao Xian, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Tony Scott, Cyrus Tang

Niche Construction is an idea borrowed from evolutionary biology. It refers to the process whereby living organisms, through their activities and choices, modify their own and each other’s environment. In the context of culture and art, niche construction is a process in which individuals, although living in a unique and protected space, connect, collaborate, compete, and have influence on one another.

The artists in this exhibition come from diverse cultural backgrounds and have different lived experience. They come from or have lived in mainland China, Pakistan and Hong Kong. What they have in common is that they all currently live in Australia and have been influenced by eastern culture. The inevitable clash of cultures fosters the creation by the artist of niches in which their artistic expression can flourish. Importantly the viewers and their interactions with the art, and the impact of the art on the society at large are a vital part of niche construction.

Guan Wei