Another Vivid has come and gone from in and around Walsh Bay. Backing up the general consensus that the festival is going from strength to strength official sources recorded an impressive 1.43 million attendees this year.

One of Walsh Bay’s most prominent annual events – The Sydney Writer’s Festival 2014 (May 16-25th), may be over for another year but for those that participated the experience lives on. In the words of SWF artistic director Jemma Birrell; “This year’s Festival drew together a strong and vibrant community of people who love reading, writing and thinking,” she said.

Agent for Sotheby's International Realty


What does Sotheby's International Realty offer?
The agency specialises in high end apartment sales and showcasing elite properties to the top echelon of local and international buyers.

What is Sotheby's involvement with Walsh Bay?
We are seeing a growing demand for lifestyle properties in the Walsh Bay area from our contact base of  international investors which has led to Sotheby's establishing an agency locally.

WBAC welcomes Walsh Bay-based Stephenson Mansell Group, one of Australia’s leading and longest running executive coaching and development firms.

Calling all budding Nicole Kidmans, Rebel Wilsons and kids that just want to get up and have a bit of fun. The Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) is running a range of winter holiday workshops (2 –5 day programs) for primary and secondary school-aged children.

WBAC is continuing to work on plans for a one-day festival - Walsh Bay Arts Festival, set to take place Sunday 7th of December.

The City of Sydney is developing a blueprint to support Walsh Bay partners promote business interests in the areas’ main street and Village precinct.

‘Big Dance’ is a biennial international festival celebrating dance. Initiated by the Mayor of London in 2006, this year, for the first time, Australia will take a lead role in the event.