Celebrating it's 25th anniversary in 2014, Bangarra tells the story of Patyegarang, the inspirational journey of a potent Indigenous spirit alive in Australia's past and present. When the colonial fleet arrived in Eora country in the late 18th Century, Patyegarang befriended the colony's timekeeper Lieutenant William Dawes, giving him her language in an extraordinary display of trust and friendship.

In Dawes notebooks, rediscovered in 1972, are transcripts of this remarkable cultural exchange. Patyegarang words are a window into a rich, complex and utterly different perspective on her world, its values and its sacred meanings.

This deeply moving production is told through the acclaimed creativity of Stephen Page's choreography and David Page's soundscape, in a powerful and meaningful dance theatre experience.

At a meeting on March 27, WBAC Chair Brigid Kennedy discussed key upcoming events in Walsh Bay, outlining possibilities for local business involvement and the support WBAC will provide.
” The program for the “Sydney Writer’s Festival, from 19-25 May was released in early April.” she said. “.A charter bus will operate to bring visitors from Circular Quay – the “fare” is a gold coin donation.”
“Fresh Catering will once again provide a pop-up caf
é, Coffee and Papers: throughout the festival, and there will be a novel dining page on the SWF website where WBAC restaurant members will be able detail their special offers for visitors during the festival.
SWF have also extended the lunch break from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, to give people more time to eat.”

“Restaurants are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the increased foot traffic through the area – 80,000 over the festival period, based on last year’s figures. I recommend that you prepare food items that are quick and easy to eat but also showcase your typical cuisine, so that customers will want to return, when they have more time, to sample the rest of your menu. Don’t forget to check the program to see which SWF venues located near your premises will be hosting events finishing just before lunch.”

WBAC has been working hard on plans for the proposed Walsh Bay Arts Festival in December this year. We are delighted that we can now move ahead as our application for seed funding was unanimously approved by Sydney City Council on 7th April. Council sponsorship will consist of a cash grant of $30,000 and value in-kind of up to $20,000 for banner pole hire, subject to availability. 

Legislation to license James Packer's new Sydney casino passed the New South Wales Upper House on 20 November by 27 votes to seven.

The controversial $1.3 billion project at Barangaroo will be the city's second casino and is expected to be open for business from November 2019.

Clan is a new photographic book by renowned dance photographer Greg Barrett, in collaboration with Bangarra’s Artistic Director Stephen Page. It celebrates the past, present and future of the company, brilliantly captured in more than 150 striking images - part physical, part spiritual.

Bangarra’s current priority for improving development capacity is to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This will enhance and streamline the development of Bangarra's multi-disciplinary programs, providing the company with the necessary, capacity to grow their relationships with audiences and supporters.

Their objective is to raise $50,000+ by February 2014 for a new CRM system, to be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia in the Plus1 Project,  a new initiative to assist not-for-profit arts organisations. This means that every dollar you pledge to Bangarra is worth two - and every dollar helps!

The 19th Biennale is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join their team from February to July 2014. Biennale volunteers have the chance to go behind the scenes, meet like-minded people and interact with artists from around the world. If you love art and enjoy engaging with the public, you can apply now to be a part of the 19th Biennale of Sydney. Volunteers will assist across various areas, including exhibition, public and education programs, and market research. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And if you’d like to mix with Biennale artists, supporters and international celebrities of the art world, you can buy your ticket to Sydney’s biggest art party for just $150. Or if you become a Friend of the Biennale for $250, you’ll receive these great benefits:

Amplify your art is a professional development grant program for NSW artists with disability, designed to assist individual artists in all art forms to further their practice through professional development. 

Previous recipients have undertaken a range of skills development projects in art forms including sculpture, poetry, dance, ceramics, music, print-making and digital media.