WBAC Membership

Representing the interests of Walsh Bay’s myriad of arts organisations, venues and businesses

Walsh Bay Arts & Commerce (WBAC) is the collective driving force committed to putting Walsh Bay ‘on the map’ for Sydney residents and visitors and firmly establishing it as a unique, vibrant, thriving arts quarter and commercial hub.


The Arts Precinct Master Plan developed in 2010

Is focused on consolidating Walsh Bay as a creative centre of Sydney so the active involvement of all local business operators in WBAC ensures that Walsh Bay is perceived as a multi-dimensional, premium destination experience, unlike any other in Sydney.


By working together we expand opportunities available to all members including,

  • Association with a rapidly expanding calendar of high profile, quality events attracted to Walsh Bay that boost revenue during ‘quiet times’ – such as Sydney Writers Festival, Biennale and Vivid.
  • Well attended famil events designed to inspire the valuable endorsement of hotel concierges and influential media as well as capturing cruise passenger traffic.
  • Consistent representation of Walsh Bay throughout the year to media and the market in the form of news and ‘destination experience’ stories featuring member venues and promotions.
  • Investment and support from City of Sydney in recognition of our exceptionally pro-active and collaborative approach.
  • Facilitating networking events, business-to-business gatherings and planning sessions for members to bring our business community together and provide opportunities for constructive communication and cross-pollination of ideas.


Invest in the success of your business

and that of the dynamic Walsh Bay Community by being an active member of Walsh Bay Arts & Commerce.

The advantages are detailed following for your consideration and our Member Relationship Manager Tina Irving is available to discuss specific opportunities for your particular business on 0403487179.


Exposure Opportunities

Famil Program

Our well attended and highly successful Famil events target hotel concierges, influential media and City of Sydney staff. We offer an experiential visit to Walsh Bay member venues and access to a variety of arts companies.

Media Exposure

WBAC organise regular placement of ‘destination travel’ stories, ‘new arrivals’ news and individual venue reviews with national and Sydney-based media on a regular basis. Members are invited to update us with any news or promotions for inclusion in publicity material.

WBAC Website

Members are listed on our website with contact details and a direct link to their own websites. You can upload images of events to the gallery section. Media utilise this site as a resource.  

WBAC Newsletter

Our monthly bulletin of precinct news has proven to be an effective communication tool to reach local businesses and the wider community. All new members are profiled in the newsletter with member news and promotions regularly featured.

Employee Incentive Program

Members can be included in a package of special offers made available to the staff of companies operating in the Walsh Bay area.


Member Relations & PR

WBAC contracts Tina Irving to work specifically on generating exposure opportunities for Walsh Bay, focused on our member base. The emphasis is on ‘the unique destination experience’ offered at Walsh Bay across our total offering.   Tina can assist with facilitating introductions to other member and publicity support for individual member businesses and news.


Event Opportunities

Walsh Bay is event central, attracting an ever expanding portfolio of premium events, representing valuable traffic and exposure for members. Our aim is to optimise all associated opportunities for members. Arts, food & wine and conference events consistent with the target demographic of our member base continue to be under development by WBAC and we actively support member-driven events. 

Walsh bay Arts Table

An annual, alfresco dinner on the pier to raise funds for one of our local arts companies, sponsored by the restaurants of Walsh Bay. Member venues may prepare a course for the dinner to gain exposure to some 400 guests and inclusion in associated advertising and publicity material; or may wish to book corporate groups.


WBAC were instrumental in negotiating for VIVID to extend around to Walsh Bay to enable members to tap into the extra-ordinary turn-out to this high profile event. We will continue to work with the event organisers to create opportunities for Walsh Bay.

Sydney Writers Festival

WBAC are a central point of communication for this and other festivals to ensure that members gain access to all opportunities for involvement and capture.

Deck Chair Arts

Developed with the support of City of Sydney as part of the Spectrum Now festival, Deck Chair Arts showcases local arts companies and keeps the spotlight on Walsh Bay as Sydney’s arts and dining hub.


Corporate and Enterprise Membership Investment

Annual Corporate membership to WBAC costs a modest $180. Enterprise membership costs $500.

BENEFITS   Regular
FREE $180/year $500/year
Advocacy Support from WBAC
Social Media Updates
Website Listing (Address - Phone - URL)
Website Profile Page
Free entry to WBAC networking events *
Website ads (2/year) (4/year)
Access to NSW Business Chamber Alliance resources ##
Public Relations Support
Website Interview/Video
Logo at footer of 3 editions of the WBAC monthly newsletter

* All members will receive notification of Networking events. Regular members will be able to have access to 1 only event without payment.

## NSW Business Chamber Alliance benefits HERE.

All of our local arts companies are active members and our hope is to count the complete community of local business operators among membership moving forward so that our total destination offering is effectively represented.

Membership Terms & Conditions

(To be read in conjunction with Dept of Fair Trading Model Rules for NFP Associations)

The trading entity shown above (“the applicant”) applies for membership of Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce on the following terms and conditions:

  1. The applicant acknowledges that acceptance of the application is at the sole discretion of the Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce.
  2. The applicant carries on bona fide business within the Walsh Bay Precinct bounded by Hickson Rd to the East, Sydney Harbour to the North, Windmill St to the South and Dalgetty Road to the West.
  3. If accepted as a member, the applicant will abide by the rules of the Walsh Bay Precinct Partnership and support its plans and objectives.
  4. If accepted as a member, the applicant will pay the applicable annual membership fee ($180) within fourteen (14) days of receipt of an invoice for such fees.
  5. The applicant acknowledges that the aim of the Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce involves the pursuit of a program of activities and initiatives that are intended to promote economic development, social and cultural development and improved amenity in Walsh Bay.

The improvement program comprises a number of objectives that the Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce will attempt to secure. The Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce does not represent or warrant that:

a) The objectives of the improvement program will be met within a particular time frame or at all.

b) Any information that the Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce has provided the applicant or otherwise published in connection with the scope, content or objectives of the improvement program is complete or not subject to revision.


The applicant acknowledges that neither the Walsh Bay Arts and Commerce nor its officers will be liable to the applicant if the objectives of the improvement program are not met within a particular timeframe or at all.


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